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First place: What I love about animals by U. S. Atchyut

Animal is a man’s best friend. To me, they are like family. I love animals because there is so much to learn from them. They protect , support us and show unconditional love towards their loved ones.  Among all animals, dogs, fishes and horses are my favourite.

Dogs are very loyal and brave. They guard our house from intruders. Dogs are cuddly and they give us so much comfort and warmth. They are fun companions. My little brother and I enjoy playing with our dog. I love playing Fetch with him with a ball. He is also a good swimmer and we enjoy splashing together in the pool. Post our swim, I give him little treats which he absolutely relishes. His sense of accomplishment upon earning a treat is beautiful to watch. Loyalty is a virtue that I have learnt from dogs.

My brother and me were gifted a little fish and we named him Blueberry owing to his colour. Blueberry swims around in his little fish bowl gracefully. He is adept at swimming and this is what has inspired me to learn swimming. Blueberry is very alert and reacts to the smallest of sounds. I have learnt to always be alert and aware of our surroundings from him.

Horses have recently astounded me. They sprint at lightning speed and are also called flight animals. Every time I visit the stable, I carry some freshly cut carrots for the horses. They are very amiable and they greet my brother and me enthusiastically. I admire their confidence and that is how I wish to be too. I have learnt to be confident in life and face any situation boldly.

The ability of animals to teach us so much is why I love them.

Second place: What I love most about animals by Viranshh Baid

I love animals because they are so unique.They are extra ordinary creatures. They are scary, huge and cute creatures.I love them because they are of different shapes and sizes.Some are cute furry balls, some are huge hairy ones. Some are as tall as trees and some are super tiny .Its so amazing how they build there homes and live in different habitats.
Did you know?Even animals have kings and queens.The mighty lion is the king of the jungle while the busy bee is the honey queen.
Some animals work really hard while some animals sleep all day.
What I love about animals is some of them can hibernate and we human beings cannot. I think that is so much fun.
Some animals are nocturnal and hunt at night for food.Some hang upside down like gymnasts.
I love the burrow that the little rabbits dig and the huge caves and dens the wild beasts live in.
I love the burst of colours in the animal kingdom.The stripes, spots,the designs and colour pops . 
Some animals run, some walk, some crawl ,some hop, some slide and some fly and some are creepy crawlies. 
I love the sounds the animals make. The lions roar, elephants trumpet, bears growl, cats meow and the mouses squeak. 
I love the sea animals the most. They are gorgeous colourful creatures, swimming and splashing about in the ocean. The whale is the largest animal and the clown fish is such a funny name.
I love playing with dogs and kittens.They can be our best friends and most loyal companions.
What I love most about animals is that even though they cannot talk, they love us unconditionally and they do not scold us when we do naughty stuff.

Third place: What I love most about animals by Anagha Bhargav

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