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"When I started at A to Zee Creativity in the Teens class, I would have called myself the most introverted person to exist. I liked reading and hated speaking up. The first debate I did, I was terrified. I didn't know how to speak or what to say but Shaan Aunty was the most encouraging voice behind me. She saw potential in me and encouraged me to practice debate and participate in WSC which was my first debate competition.
I'm glad to say that I won at the regional round as a top debater and then came first with my team in the Global Rounds and then did well at Yale too. Shaan Aunty inspired me to pursue a degree in Law and I am now proud to say that I was named best speaker at my first Freshers debate for LSR DU and all credit goes to A to Zee Creativity for nurturing my potential and helping me be confident in myself and my abilities."
-  RV Vrinda Gopal, Our student and intern

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"I've been with A to Zee Creativity for 5 years, having done Trinity Communication Skills exams till grade 8, the World Scholars Cup, and an internship. I've learnt invaluable skills around writing, language and public speaking, met wonderful people, and broadened my horizons through A to Zee!"

- Nishka Srivastava, Our student and intern

"My sons Neil(13) and Mathew( 11)  have been attending the debate classes at A to Zee for the past 3 yrs and absolutely  love it. I can see a big change in the way they articulate  and their confidence  in speaking in front of an audience.   Working and researching  as teams has definitely  helped their inter-personal skills as well. Most importantly  they finish the class with a big smile on their faces and are excited to share the happenings from class. The only downside is that they are have gotten so good as putting their points across, all arguments  at home are going in their favour.  Thank you Shaan, Wilcy and Payal for all your hard work and keeping  the kids coming back for more."

- Neha Ryan, A parent


"A to Zee has been my children's favourite class. 
Shaan has been a friend and a colleague over the years, to see her dedication and passion in traning children and adults has been comendable. I have seen A to Zee sprout as a seed and now grow into a huge tree, every year, we see a change for the betterment of the children. Thanks Shaan! Keep rocking!"

- Poonam Chokhani, A parent

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"Over the past few years, I have watched my children blossom in the ZeeBees class (for kids) with Shaan and her team. So when she told me about the weekly Public Speaking Module for adults, I signed up in a heartbeat… And it was more than worth it! 
The thrill of being a student again, learning one-on-one from one of the best in the field, the structured approach… all in all, a very well designed program.
I got a rare insight into the areas of improvement in my own communication style. I also picked up some very useful skills, which are likely to stay with me for life.
I strongly recommend this course to anyone who believes that it is never too late to improve one's self. 
2 thumbs up, Shaan! "

- Mayuka Goenka, A parent

"There has been a marked improvement in my son's speaking skills from the time he joined AtoZee. The difference is visible in his speech clarity, voice modulation, vocabulary, his acting skills just to name a few. The trainers here have experience and complete knowledge about the subject. The children have a lot of fun here while there is so much of a transformation in their poise and confidence."
- Vandana Chordia, A parent

" Rajesh and I wanted to thank you for all that you do for our children. Hrsh enjoys each of your classes, be it theatre or debates, practice for the Charlie play or the World Scholar’s cup. He is always energized, even if he returns late at night. While he was always keen on theatre and speaking in public, we can see visible improvements in how he goes about these aspects. We also see positive changes in his bearing and personality as also his personability. 
In case of Ada, she has always been very articulate at home, but extremely shy everywhere else. Your classes have helped her move the needle on this aspect of her personality and she seems more confident now. 
We believe you are a positive influence on the kids, with your passion for whatever you do, your genuine interest in making the kids do better in everything and willingness to go beyond skill development to values and personality development. We are not sure if that is what you intended when you started AtoZee, but this is how it has manifested for our kids!"
- Krithika N Venkat, A parent


"I first came to A to Zee for World Scholar's Cup preparation in 2017. With Shaan aunty's expertise, I was able to improve my debating and public speaking skills. The past year, I have completed Grade 6 of the Acting (Solo) and Communication Skills Trinity certification. I thoroughly enjoy interacting and working with different people. A to Zee Creativity has helped me enrich my acting and communication skills and stay in touch with the art of theatre!"
- Ritika Srivathsan, A student

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