Intermediate Debate (10+yrs)Tue 5-6.30pm

Learn the basics of debate, build vocabulary; write persuasive essays!


Students will gain general knowledge via quizzes and speaking games with prizes at the end of each quarter. We also encourage them to develop reasoned arguments and to engage in intelligent debates. A quote from one of our students R.V.Vrinda Gopal: "When I started at A to Zee creativity in the Teens class, I would have called myself the most introverted person to exist. I liked reading and hated speaking up. The first debate I did, I was terrified. I didn't know how to speak or what to say but Shaan Aunty was the most encouraging voice behind me. She saw potential in me and encouraged me to practice debate and participate in WSC which was my first debate competition. I'm glad to say that I won at the regional round as a top debater and then came first with my team in the Global Rounds and then did well at Yale too. Shaan Aunty inspired me to pursue a degree in Law and I am now proud to say that I was named best speaker at my first Freshers debate for LSR DU and all credits go to A to Zee creativity for nurturing my potential and helping me be confident in myself and my abilities."

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